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Corporate Donors

Your donations are tax deductible, plus we will invite you to talks and events to give you updates and get to know the families you support.


If you would like to sponsor any of our events, programs or causes, we welcome your help! 


You will be part of our community to continue building together the rights of children and youth with intellectual, psychosocial (ASD) or multiple disabilities and their families. Through Familias y Retos Extraordinarios you support so that: 


  • Have a space for training and accompaniment to know, exercise and demand their rights (education, health and access to justice) and create support networks of families and professionals through CAPACES


  • Build their family emergency plan (family inclusive risk management in emergencies and disasters) and have access to a bracelet with a QR code so that in case of emergency, children and youth with non-verbal disabilities have a way for medical, rescue, civil protection or police personnel to know their general data and provide them immediate attention. It is also important to train such personnel in the care of this population through Ángel Guardián.


  • Democratize the access and to continue developing adequate supports that minimize the risk for caregivers and infants and young people with disabilities of experiencing accidents or injuries during the shower through Higiene Digna


Let us continue to build a world where we have the right to have rights through citizen participation and activation and legal empowerment: 


  • Cuidado Digno, to demand and guide legislators and governments the implementation of universal and sufficient public care services such as personal assistance, day care centers, schools with extended hours and day care for infants and youth with disabilities. In this way, both children and youth with disabilities and their caregivers can resume their life projects. Recognize the right of paid workers to attend to their caregiving responsibilities without repercussions on their salary, work or professional development or vacations.


  • Acceso Legal, to continue establishing legal pathways that give certainty and security to patients and their families to access safe, affordable, legal and human-tested cannabis medicines.


  • Cambiadores Inclusivos, to create work teams to follow up on the regulation, implementation and operation of these dignified and safe spaces throughout all Mexico.

Your help is so important as we have families on a waiting list to access our programs and training spaces!

Interested in donating?

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