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One of the biggest challenges we have is our children’s parenting, which implies specific knowledge about their diagnostic, the medical and therapeutic monitoring, and the support and assistance provision for their participation. This is how CAPACES was born. CAPACES is a program for Specialized Training and Assistance  for families with children and youths with intellectual, psychosocial, and multiple disabilities. These trainings are delivered via a digital learning platform and are supplemented by live virtual sessions with experts.

We have trained more than


people, families and experts included

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Currently, we have three training programs (in Spanish only): ASD, Cerebral Palsy, and Epileptic Syndromes/Refractory Epilepsy.


Mónica Wendy

“AMAZING PROGRAM! Congratulations CAPACES, thank you for sharing spaces of experiences and learning that contribute to the creation of an inclusive society.”

Cinthia Lizbeth Monroy Martínez

“The topic of today’s session is a primordial and very important guidance that we need to know. The fact that people with disabilities, the family and the caregivers have rights, thank you for sharing the key rights.”

Flor del Alba

“Excellent. The information finds the evolution from the colloquial language to a technical one, it encompasses the aspects that one needs the most to live in community.”

Registration takes place once a year.

This trainning is offered in Spanish only

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