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We are all unpaid caregivers, there are times when we want the day to have 48 hours because there are not enough 24 hours to do everything we want and have to do. However, we are convinced that each of our actions add up. Little by little we are meeting more families, people, organizations and companies that believe in us and in our mission and vision. Thanks to you we keep moving forward! If you are not yet part of our community, you can join now! 


Here are some of the most relevant events of Familias y Retos Extraordinarios:

December 2014

Our Facebook community is born.

February 2017

The constitution of the CDMX is published, where the three initiatives we presented in 2016 are materialized. It recognizes the right to care (Art.9, letter B), the right to the use of cannabis (Art.9, letter D, fraction 7) and the recognition and rights of families who have in our care people with multiple disabilities (Art.10, Letter B, Fraction 5,clause e and f.; Art.11,letter G, fraction 3). 

July 2017

The decree reforming and adding various provisions of the General Health Law and the Federal Criminal Code to recognize the medical use of Cannabis, an initiative that our families accompanied since its construction, was published.

May 2018

We are constituted as a non-profit Civil Association.

May 2018

We participated before the UN World Health Administration before the ECDD (Expert Committee on Drug Dependence) so that the voice of the families who live in medical and legal exile for the use of cannabis for medical and therapeutic purposes could be heard in this space.

June 2019

The case of Carlos, an infant of our community, reaches the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCNJ) where he wins unanimously the amparo which mandates the publication of the regulation of cannabis and its integral medical care including cannabis medicines. His lawyer was Luisa Conesa ( LLM).

September 2019

At the invitation of Mariela Serey, our alliance with #YoCuido Chile and #YoCuido Peru was born, and our organization founded the collective #YoCuido Mexico.

April 2020

Familias y Retos Extraordinarios Jalisco is born under the leadership and coordination of Mily Cruz Díaz.

November 2020

The Chamber of Deputies approves the constitutional reform to incorporate the right to care in Art. 4 of the Constitution and the power to create the law for the National Care System, an initiative that our unpaid caregivers accompanied since its construction.

May 2021

Our coordinator, Margarita Garfias, was awarded the "Hermila Galindo" recognition for her trajectory in the defense of human rights in Mexico City.

July 2022

The candidacy of our coordinator Mily Cruz in Zapopan, Jalisco to be part of the care system of that entity is approved.

September 2020

We participated in the CND Intersessional of Cannabis,  which contributed to the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) accepting the WHO recommendation to remove cannabis and cannabis resin from Annex IV of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. This represented a historic achievement for patients in their access to cannabis for medical use.

January 2021

The Regulation on sanitary control for the production, research and medical use of cannabis is published in accordance with the SCJN ruling.

December 2021

Our coordinator Margarita Garfias is recognized with the national human rights award for her national trajectory in the defense of the human rights of children with multiple disabilities, caregivers and cannabis for medicinal purposes.


Join us and be part of our history!

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