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Privacy Notice

Familias y Retos Extraordinarios A.C. (The "Association"), with address at Heriberto Frias 1432, 03 A 402, Col. Del Valle Sur, Benito Juárez, 03100, CDMX is responsible for the processing of personal data collected from its customers, prospects, suppliers, contractors, and other persons interested in receiving information about its services (the "Data Subjects"), so in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (the "Law"), its Regulations, the guidelines of the privacy notice and other applicable provisions, informs you of the following:


I. Personal Data and Purposes.

The Association reiterates its commitment to absolute discretion with respect to all private information concerning you that you provide to us, whether directly or indirectly, verbally or through printed, electronic, digital, optical, audio, visual and/or any other means (hereinafter, the "Personal Data"), which will be used in general and as necessary for the following purposes: (i) to provide the services or volunteer support that we agree with you from time to time and that we are able to offer or provide, (ii) to inform you about changes in the same, (iii) to evaluate the quality of such services or volunteer support, (iv) to send you information about our services, object and purposes of The Association,(v) to contact the Data Subjects, in case they request it, through the contact messages sent through our website, or through social networks, (vi) to receive resources, donations, and make payments or credits to our suppliers, (vii) to share information about our purposes, object and services, as well as events, through our website and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), (viii) to confirm or correct the information we have, in order to guarantee the best personalized attention to the Data Subjects, and (ix) to notify you, if applicable, of changes to this Privacy Notice, as well as, if applicable, changes to this Privacy Notice. ), (viii) to confirm or correct the information we have, in order to guarantee the best personalized attention to the Holders and (ix) to notify you, if applicable, of changes to this Privacy Notice.


For your information, all our associates and officers are trained and committed to protect the Personal Data in terms of the Law; therefore, The Association will take all the necessary measures to keep safe the Personal Data it receives. For the aforementioned purposes, we need to obtain the following Personal Data from the person who registers, as well as from the person with disability; from the person who registers we need, but not limited to: (i) full name, (ii) email, (iii) telephone(s), (iv) address (street, number, zip code, neighborhood and state), (v) number of children and (vi) any other that you provide us to treat them in accordance with the same purposes, which is detailed below. From the person with disability we need: (i) full name (ii) date of birthday, school grade, (iii) school or company where the person with disability studies or works.


The Association may also request your first name, last name and age, or in general, process information related to your family members (ascendants, descendants and/or spouse) for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice. It is your responsibility to inform your family members about the processing of their data for the purposes described and to provide us with their consent in cases where it is required by law. In the case of minors, persons in a state of interdiction or incapable, in accordance with the Law, specific measures will be established for the treatment of their Personal Data, such as the identification of the parents and/or guardian and their express consent for the treatment of the Personal Data of the person in question. In case the services so require, we inform you that The Association may request the following Sensitive Personal Data (as defined in the Law: i) Diagnosis, type of medical or therapeutic treatment, certificate of disability or others that may help to corroborate the specific needs of the beneficiary of our programs.


We inform you that The Association will only process the Sensitive Personal Data, in order to facilitate the fulfillment of the obligations derived from the relationship it has with you and for the fulfillment of the aforementioned purposes. The foregoing, in the understanding that The Association may only use or process such Sensitive Personal Data, to the extent that you have given your express consent for such purpose in terms of the Law, this consent is given when you fill out the registration forms to participate in our programs.


II. Transfer of Personal Data.

The Association may use and transfer the Personal Data and Sensitive Personal, financial and/or patrimonial data obtained for the purposes set forth above and to comply with its purpose and for all the purposes permitted by the Law in terms of the provisions of article 37 of the same.


We inform you that your personal information is shared inside and outside the country with the following persons, companies, organizations and authorities other than us, for the following purposes:


To physicians of public institutions of the Ministry of Health and private institutions, to support the affiliate in their medical, psychological or rehabilitation treatment.

Universities, public and private research centers and researchers in order to generate academic, scientific, social or other evidence related to inclusion, disability and other challenges of the families of the association.


Donors and probable private and/or public donors, whether individuals or legal entities, in order to seek support for raising funds and/or in kind.


Social networks, as part of the activities for fundraising and awareness campaigns.


All our processes are constantly monitored in order to give the proper care and protection to your information. As a general rule, The Association will only disclose personal data in accordance with the laws in force that regulate its activities (tax, labor, social security, consumer protection, judicial authority requirements, etc.), to the extent that the law or the different authorities consider it as reasonably necessary. In the event that a transfer is necessary and requires your authorization, The Association will notify you of the nature of such transfer, its purposes and the identity of the third party to whom your personal data will be transferred in order to obtain your express or written consent, as applicable


III. Use of Images and Tracking Technologies on our website.

It is likely that in some of our events, images will be taken of the people attending them, as well as images will be shared by those who join our social networks. Such images may be used for the purpose of documenting the activities that take place at such events. The Association may use, print, reproduce and publish such image(s) in printed and electronic media, bulletins, yearbooks and publications, in all its manifestations, its interpretations or executions, its editions, its phonograms or videograms, and in its broadcasts, and shall do so only for informative and journalistic purposes in terms of article 87 of the Federal Copyright Law. When your image is going to be used for advertising purposes, this situation will always be notified by The Association and you will be asked for your consent prior to its collection and use for these purposes.


We also inform you that on our website and on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) we will use cookies, web beacons and other technologies through which it is possible to monitor your behavior as an Internet user, as well as to provide you with a better service and user experience when browsing our website. If you do not agree with the implementation of these tracking mechanisms, you can deactivate them through the options or tools provided directly by your browser


IV. Limitation of use and disclosure of personal data. ARCO Rights.

Pursuant to Article 16, Section III of the Law, if you wish to limit the use and disclosure of your Personal Data for marketing or advertising purposes, you may at any time send an email to the following email address: requesting to stop being contacted for marketing or advertising purposes.


Likewise, you, as the Holder of such Personal Data, may at any time revoke the consent you have granted to The Association for the processing of your Personal Data, limit the use or disclosure thereof, express your opposition to the purposes for which your Personal Data will be used, as well as exercise your rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition (hereinafter, the "ARCO Rights") provided by Law, through the procedures we have established for such purpose.


For this purpose, The Association has designated the Administration Department to receive and process the appropriate requests that you may request from us by virtue of the exercise of your ARCO Rights, whose contact details are as follows:


To exercise your ARCO Rights, you or your legal representative must send an ARCO Rights request to the Administration Department for attention and follow-up. It is important that your request includes the following information and documents:

i. Name, address and e-mail address.

ii. A copy of the documents proving your identity (e.g., copy of voter's credential, passport or any other official identification) or, if applicable, legal representation.

iii. A clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which you are seeking to exercise any of the ARCO Rights.

iv. Any document or information that facilitates the location of your personal data.

v. In case of requesting the rectification of your personal data, you must also indicate the modifications to be made and provide the documentation supporting your request.


Our response will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in your request within a maximum period of 20 business days from the day we receive your request. If your request is answered in the affirmative or appropriate, the requested changes will be made within a maximum of 15 business days. In case you request access to your personal data, The Association will inform you by e-mail our response to your request and the means by which you will be given access to your personal data. The Association may extend the deadlines referred to in this paragraph, only once, for a period equal to the original one, which will be communicated to you.


The Association may deny the exercise of your ARCO Rights in the cases in which the Law allows it. The reason for such decision will be communicated to you. Our refusal may be partial, in which case The Association will carry out the access, rectification, cancellation or opposition in the appropriate part.


V. Consent

If you do not agree with this Privacy Notice, you should refrain from providing personal information and from accessing, using, browsing and/or using the functions and services of our website that require your simple personal data (name, address, age, telephone, e-mail, etc.). We will understand your access and use of our website or our social media accounts (and your failure to expressly object to this Privacy Notice) as a manifestation of your tacit consent and acceptance of this Privacy Notice, as far as your simple personal data is concerned.


Likewise, The Association undertakes that the financial and/or sensitive personal data collected will be treated under the strictest security measures to ensure its confidentiality. In compliance with the provisions of Article 9 of the Law, we will require your express consent for the processing of such financial and/or sensitive personal data, which you can provide through the following box, as well as by reading and entering your name and signature at the bottom of the document containing this Privacy Notice, or electronically, prior to the processing of your financial personal data.

VI. Changes in the Privacy Notice.

This Privacy Notice is effective as of September 1, 2023 and may be modified at the discretion of the responsible in terms of the applicable regulations, any changes to it will be communicated by the responsible by publishing the new Privacy Notice which you may request in our offices. We will inform you about our new Privacy Notice in the cases in which: (i) we require sensitive personal data not included in this Notice that require your consent; (ii) we modify the original and necessary purposes in our legal relationship with you, or new purposes are incorporated that require your consent, or (iii) we modify our policy of transfers to third parties or include additional transfers that require your consent.


Received, read and accepted this Privacy Notice for all legal purposes to which it may apply.

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