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Each of our programs emerges from the collective need that we have identified and that affects our community in a disproportionate manner; its lack of fulfilment implies and perpetuates the violation of our rights.

We have trained and assisted more than 2,000 families and children and youth with multiple disabilities in the family, social, medical, and legal areas.

We have provided more than 350 with QR codes for the assistance of non-verbal children and youths in emergency situations.

We have trained more than 300 public officials for the assistance of children and youths with multiple disabilities and their respective families.

CAPACES is a specialized training and support program for families with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), cerebral palsy, and epilepsy syndromes.

logo capaces
logo higiene digna y segura

 Higiene Digna y Segura (The Dignified and Safe Hygiene Program) was created so families could have a shower seat for their children. This makes said activity a dignified, safe, and enjoyable space.

Ángel Guardián (Guardian Angel) is a training program in the familiar inclusive management of risks in emergencies and disasters. It includes a bracelet.

logo ángel guardián

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