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We contribute to bringing to light the discrimination, omission, and violence that children and youths with psicosocial, intellectual, and multiple disabilities face, as do we as carers.We do this through the requirement of effective enforcement of the rule of law.

We suggest solutions to these occurrences through the democratisation of human rights’ knowledge, civic empowerment, and the citizen activation of families and experts alike. 

We want an inclusive world where everyone of us can live with dignity and develop our life projects.

So from the territories and community spaces we have built our agenda:

Since 2016 at the local, federal and international level, we have made visible the importance of regulating the use of medical cannabis and recognizing the rights of patients and their families.

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Since 2016, we have been raising the unpaid care workers voices for the recognition of the right to dignified care in its three dimensions: the right to care for oneself, the right to care others and the right to receive care.

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Enough of changing our loved ones on the floor, in the trunks, planters or benches!  Dignity, safety and accessibility are rights, not favors!

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We need your help!

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