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Higiene Digna y Segura
Safe and Dignified Hygiene

According to the most recent CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) study:

  • Every day in the United States, approximately 370 people are injured in a bathroom, making it the second most dangerous room in the house, second only to the kitchen.

  • 66% of the injuries that occur in bathrooms occur when the person is in the bathtub or shower. 

  • The most common injuries are produced by slips and falls while one is taking a bath or shower. These injuries represent more than a third, or approximately 78,000, of all the injuries that can happen inside a bathroom in the United States. 

These situations are even more common with families with children with epilepsy and multiple disabilities because, besides the statistics previously mentioned, health and disability are added. These conditions can worsen when the families do not have a shower chair that guarantees the dignity and security of this space. This is as important for the child or youth with disability and epilepsy as it is for the people helping them in this activity: the mother, the father, or both. In the short, medium, and long term, the absence of a shower chair can result in significant consequences such as contractures, scoliosis, bad posture injuries, and falls. It is possible to prevent and avoid these injuries if you have an adequate shower chair.

At present, in alliance with the ITESO Guadalajara Campus, we are creating prototype shower chairs that meet the needs of our families.

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