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Cambiadores Inclusivos
Inclusive Changers

Unfortunately we, as well as our children and about a million or more people in Mexico, have been excluded from what we currently know as "accessible bathrooms". This forces us to resolve hygiene in a way that is neither safe, nor dignified, in order to change diapers in public spaces. For this reason, in alliance with "Cambiadores Inclusivos" of Spain, we want for Mexico safe and dignified hygiene spaces that respect the diversity of people with large or complex hygiene needs such as people with heavy menstruation, with ostomies, with temporary support needs (due to injury or illness), elderly people and people with disabilities who require the assistance of one or even two people for their hygiene. Safety, dignity and accessibility are rights, not favors!

This is just the beginning!

Join us!

We need your support to make dissemination materials, talks, workshops, attend decision making spaces, and if you can help us by sponsoring an Inclusive Changer, it would be fantastic!

Be part of the history!

Carlos al lado de la cama silla que pusieron en el baño de la clínica donde se atiende

April 2021

It is placed for the first time in Mexico "a changing place" (which is not a changing place, it is a chair bed intended for another purpose) in compliance with legal process 565/2018  requires full health care attention. The legal process is still open.

We need your help!

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