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We are all unique, each with our own knowledge, skills and needs. We are united by the challenges we face every day with our families. Each one contributes in a different way but all with the same objective: We have the right to have, to know and to exercise our rights!

Millarray Bermeo

Training Coordinator

Mother and Regina's 24/7 caregiver. Psychologist by training, employed teacher, and promoter of parenting with care and good treatment.

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Mily Cruz Díaz

Coordinator in Jalisco, Mexico

Activist for the rights of persons with disabilities and their caregivers. State Coordinator of "Yo Cuido México". Active member of Jalisco’s Inclusion System for people with disabilities. Member of the Interistintucional table of Rare Diseases of Jalisco. Member of Zapopan’s Comprehensive Care System. Her most important role is being the main caregiver and tutor of Eddy, a seven year old boy with a diagnosis of West syndrome, multiple disabilities, and drug resistance refractory epilepsy.

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Danae Ochoa

Communications Coordinator 

Mother of two girls and 24/7 caregiver for Maya, who was diagnosed with ASD. Caregiver, therapist, and cannabis-certified workshop facilitator. Lover of the cultivation and the benefits of the marijuana plant.

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Margarita Garfias

General Coordinator

Woman, wife, friend, and mother of Zianya and Carlos. Human rights' activist and advocate for people with multiple disabilities, their caregivers and medical cannabis as part of health rights I am a 24/7 caregiver.

Winner of the 2021 Human Rights National Prize and the 2021 Hermila Galindo recognition.

And in my heart, #YoCuido.

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Alberto Medina

Accounting and Finance

Husband of Eli, and father of two children, Axel the youngest lives with multiple disabilities. Accountant by profession.

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